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Door of Thrones route: highlights from the sidelines

Enlightening the Northern Ireland culture, plenty of landmarks, smiles, and unforgettable attractions.

The Doors of Thrones, which were carved after Dark Hedges forest was beaten by Storm Gertrude, have become a part of Northern Irish culture since 2016. These trees, turned into pub doors used for season 6 of Game of Thrones, have acquired a strong popularity due to the connections spanned all around the country. In addition of this, other options are available if you want to spice up your planned path and feel adventurous. 

Exploris Aquarium

If you are at Fiddler’s Green, enjoying a pint, and admiring the craft finesse employed by the door manufacturers, you might wonder how in the world the animalistic complexity of braided shapes is coming out. Well, even though Quintin Bay could provide some inspiration, you surely want to get in-depth contact with your curiosity and discover where these maritime creatures are coming from. Exploris Aquarium, believe it or not, will provide you with a refreshing view of reptiles, rays, jellyfish, and other aquatic souls.

Public seeing days, as well as animal care and maintenance, draw a smile from the staff members.

Warrenpoint Golf Club

You might be at Percy French with your friends, talking about the beautiful landscape that is surrounding you. And some fun comes to mind, so why not take a quick drive to Warrenpoint Golf Club and enjoy it together? It is a perfect location to have fun with family and friends, as well as admire Northern Ireland’s natural beauty or to dismantle, why not, more Game of Thrones’ myths.

Family attractions, outdoor activities, brewery tours, and woodland areas surround the to-do’s at Warrenpoint Golf Club.

Marble Arch Caves

You are enjoying a family day out in Enniskillen, and you want to have a deep look at the carving skills exposed at Blakes of the Hollow, while you enjoy some of their rib steaks or soups. Why not? Suddenly, someone mentions the nice time spent in the Marble Arch Carves, being amazed by the geology of its Canyon Passage.

What is better than being enlightened with additional plans before getting new ones? In addition, Marble Arch Caves invites everyone to enjoy a Halloween Family Event on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st! 

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