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Take One of the World’s Best Train Journeys in Northern Ireland

Take a ride on the Wild Side of Northern Ireland’s picturesque Northern Coast from Derry to Corelaine

Whether you begin your day in Derry-Londonderry or Coleraine, there is much to do and see along the route. You’ll travel comfortably, avoid the hassles of traffic and parking, and have plenty of time to take it all in if you take the train. On this fun-filled day, you’ll find history, heritage, and magnificent landscapes, as well as a plethora of fantastic restaurants, bars, and shops.

Starting in Derry-Londonderry

Before boarding the train at Derry-Londonderry, stroll through the lively alleys of Ireland’s last completely walled city and listen to the echoes of over fifteen centuries of history.

Discover the unique blend of past and present as you explore the city’s historic sites, each corner resonating with stories of ancient conquests, cultural triumphs, and a community’s resilience that has withstood the test of time. Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the well-preserved architecture and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere that makes Derry-Londonderry a living testament to Ireland’s cultural heritage.

Benone Strand

Before arriving at the golden sands of Benone Strand, your train trip follows the River Foyle out of the city and into the beautiful green countryside. The railway track runs beside the shore, so you can take in all those breathtaking views of one of Ireland’s most unspoiled beaches as you’re pulling out.

As the cityscape gradually fades, the landscape transforms into a sea of vibrant green, showcasing the unspoiled beauty of Northern Ireland’s countryside. The train track parallels the shoreline, providing uninterrupted views of the pristine waters and the lush coastal scenery. Along this scenic route, you’ll witness the untamed charm of one of Ireland’s most magnificent treasures—the Benone Strand.


You’ll soon arrive at the station of Castlerock. This popular seaside village is a great place to stop for a beach picnic or a stroll.

Step off the train onto the platform, and you’ll immediately feel the refreshing sea breeze and hear the distant echoes of crashing waves. Castlerock unfolds as a picturesque haven, offering more than just a transit point on your adventure. It beckons you to indulge in a leisurely beach picnic, where the golden sands meet the rhythmic lullaby of the North Atlantic.

Take a stroll around town, and you’ll discover the village’s unique character, shaped by its maritime heritage and the echoes of its railway history. The station itself, a hub of activity during the railway’s construction, stands as a testament to Castlerock’s evolution into a charming coastal destination.

The railway’s construction contributed to the village’s expansion and development. And, as you can expect, there was plenty of excitement, especially during ‘The Great Blast,’ when 3,600 pounds of gunpowder were used to blast rock and construct two tunnels. These are still Ireland’s longest railway tunnels.

Travelling Along the Banks of Bann

Your train journey from Castlerock continues along the banks of the River Bann before entering Coleraine. The town itself is rich in history, and visiting the Mountsandel Fort in the same-named forests will put you on top of the island’s oldest human habitation.

Coleraine, a quaint village, will soon come into view if you follow the river’s path. Rich in history, Coleraine extends a warm welcome to you and begs you to explore and learn. The train ride smoothly moves from the riverside’s natural beauty to this historic town’s rich cultural diversity.

Take into consideration visiting the Mountsandel Fort, which is tucked away in the name-branding forests, before giving in to Coleraine’s charms. As the highest point in the island where humans have lived for the longest, this historic fortification is the key to solving the secrets of Ireland’s past. Follow the whispers of history as you meander through the forested pathways and arrive at the summit for a breathtaking view that stands the test of time.

Hop on from Corelaine to the Causeway Coast

After you’ve had your fill of seeing the town, take a short 18-minute bus ride to The Giant’s Causeway or one of the many charming coastal towns and villages.

Upon reaching The Giant’s Causeway, you will be met by nature’s incredible piece of art: a captivating arrangement of hexagon-shaped basalt columns that appear to have been chiselled by legendary giants from ancient times. Explore the interconnecting stones and take in the breathtaking natural features that have mesmerised tourists for ages as you experience the spirit of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Alternatively, pick one of the quaint seaside villages or towns tucked away along the Causeway seaside Route if you’re in the mood for a leisurely tour. From the iconic Dunluce Castle to the historic Bushmills Distillery and the exhilarating experience of crossing the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, each location along this path reveals a unique tale.

How To Get There

You can travel between Derry-Londonderry and Coleraine and then take the bus to The Giant’s Causeway and nearby coastal villages. Belfast has rail connections to Coleraine.

The Translink Family & Friends Ticket allows you to travel on all bus and train services for a whole day. Valid for up to 2 adults and 4 children Monday through Friday after 9.30 a.m., as well as every Saturday and Sunday with no time limitations.

You can find the full timetables for Translink down below.

Once you’ve embarked on this amazing journey, let us know your thoughts via our socials! We’d love to see where you’ve iVisited.

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